Sunset Flamingo Tour – Ria Lagartos

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A 3 hour private tour of approximately 50km through the estuary of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. Navigate the mangrove channels to explore and enjoy the extensive natural diversity. The captain / guide will help you identify the different species of flora and fauna and share their knowledge on the ecology of the area, many different types of birds will be sighted such as flamingos, herons, eagles, pelicans among others 395 species of birds have been reported in the bio reserve. There is the possibility of observing some crocodiles, we will stop at a wooden platform to explain about the extraction of salt and you can enjoy a mud bath (Baño Maya(optional) in a fine white clay which has very good exfoliating properties. (treatment used in the past by the Mayans for the Skincare) then we will move to an island beach with only a few palapas for shade where you can swim and wash off the clay.



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